Taming Windows logs in Splunk

Bumping up against Splunk quotas can be frustrating. One reason why you might be hitting your quotas is because of the verbosity of Windows logs. The inspiration for taming Windows logs came from Mark Runal’s Blog. My Window’s server firewalls log dropped packets. These dropped packets are logged in EventID 5156. Through some regex magic in […]

AppV 5.1 Oracle Instant Client 11.2 Recipe

Sequencing Environment: Windows 7 x64 (Patched) AppV 5.1 Steps: Download Oracle 11 Instant Client (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/features/instant-client/index-097480.html) 4 files needed. instantclient-basic (x86 & x64), instantclient-odbc (x86 and x64) Start App V Sequencer Create c:\oracle Extract the downloaded files. Extract both files for the respective architecture need to be extracted to the same directory. A suggested file structure […]